Omid Sadeghi Seraji

I am Lecturer in the Free University of Berlin and translator of German, English and Farsi. I got my B.A in Tehran in Persian Literature, and my M.A. in University of Heidelberg in philosophy, Iranian studies and European art history. I am writing my Ph.D. in classical philology at the Free University of Berlin. So far, four of my book translations have been published in Iran.

What I Do


Books I translate from German or English, are from various fields, but they share a common characteristic: they should be challenging. And my favorite task is to write Introductory articles for them.


Various Subjects in philosophy, literature, history and theater in the Universities of Berlin, Heidelberg, and Tehran, as well as in online schools


My favorite project is the series of online lectures, which I organize since 2020 with my colleagues. It is named Khormaloo, after my friends beautiful cat.


This is what I have been doing -thanks to my beloved wife- since I met her on the Stage. I have written script, performed, chanted and conducted the technical necessities for the stage since 2000.